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Huashu Jinming French export project orders are presented to the 74th anniversary of the motherland


“Family reunion with joy during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, while the family and the nation celebrate and prosper together.” On the occasion of the double festival, all employees of Huashu Jinming offer their sincere blessings to all walks of life, wishing everyone a happy holiday and good health to their families.


Over the years, Huashu Jinming has persisted in independent innovation, followed the development path of ” Specialized, Sophisticated, Distinctive and Innovated “, tributed to her motherland with hard work and good performance.


In 2023, with the gradual improvement of the overseas market layout of Huashu Jinming, the export order performance in the first half of the year is very impressive. Recently, it has taken advantage of the momentum and won an order for a French export project. The project includes 6 power battery module assembly lines, with a total order value of 417 million CNY.


Based in China mainland and facing the world, Huashu Jinming is committed to providing global customers with turnkey solutions for intelligent manufacturing. She is not afraid of challenges and forges ahead to cope with the ever-changing market demands at home and abroad. As early as 2017, Huashu Jinming keenly captured the development opportunities in overseas markets and worked non-stop to seize the European and American power battery manufacturing equipment markets, performed well in the United States, Germany, France and other countries and regions.


In order to ensure that customer projects are delivered on time with high quality and high standards, a group of Huashu Jinming staff will continue to stick to their posts and work overtime at the Wuhan factory, Changzhou factory and project sites to ensure production and pay tribute to her motherland during the National Day holiday. The company has also prepared colorful holiday activities and generous gifts for employees, so that everyone can feel the holiday atmosphere in advance.


Hard work creates great achievements, and strive to create the future! With her tireless pioneering and forging ahead, Huashu Jinming wishes her motherland a brighter tomorrow!


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