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Mechanical Engineer
  • Work Place:Hungary/Budapest
  • Age:
  • Salary:
  • Release Date:2023-06-15
  • Working Experience:1 year or above
  • Education:Mechanical Engineer university degree
  • Recruiting Numbers:
  • Deadline:2023-12-30
  • Responsibilities:

    1. Systematically master the company’s internal core product knowledge and industrial automation processes;
    2. Provide complete design concepts and solutions for customers’ non-standard equipment requirements (biased to robot applications);
    3. Participate in the technical communication, teamwork process and project management of the automation department;
    4. Provide customers with corresponding technical services and technical consultation;
    5. Able to support on-site assembly and acceptance of equipment;



    Nice to have:

    – Work experience in lithium battery industry;
    – Work experience in EV industry;
    – Show interest in co-working with Chinese staff team;
    – Accept business trip to China for learning for 2~3 months in the beginning.
    – Accept project business trip from time to time;
    – Chinese-speaking is an additional advantage.

  • Requirements:

    1. University degree or above in mechanical related majors, more than 3 years of experience in mechanical design, with a good foundation in mechanical design;
    2. Familiar with the design principles of mechanical automation equipment, skilled in using 2D (CAD) and 3D (Solidworks) drawing software and other related design software;
    3. Familiar with the design standards and specifications of various mechanical parts, standard parts, non-standard parts, general parts, and pneumatic components;
    4. Be able to independently solve the problems of mechanical automation equipment, and have strong hands-on operation ability and good mechanical mapping and assembly ability;
    5. Familiar with the basic principles, structure, performance, technical parameters, installation and debugging methods of mechanical automation devices;
    6. EU local or with Hungary permanent residence permit;
    7. Fluent in English.



    What we offer:

    – Base salary+year-end bonus (distributed according to the sales performance of the Division);
    – After one year of employment, enjoy salary adjustment opportunity once a year;
    – Company travel and family day activities, expansion training, tourism once a year;
    – Opportunity for internal promotion;
    – Compete with well-known foreign companies on the same stage, have first-class customers in the world’s top 500, and have a lot of room for career growth.

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