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Battery Tray Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line

Product Introduction

Changzhou Huashu Jinming relies on the technical R&D strength support in the existing field, focusing on expanding the technical research and development of battery tray production equipment---the front process of power battery assembly line. It introduces the rich experience in the field of automobile production equipment and battery production lines into the battery tray production. And based on modular and flexible production of traditional battery tray, Huashu Jinming has mastered the core technology of intelligent production of battery tray through breakthroughs in technology development, technology transformation and process upgrades. It has already begun to apply to the production of new energy battery tray of high-end automobile brands.

Technical Feature

1. The battery tray intelligent manufacturing production line is mainly composed of six systems, namely friction stir welding(FSW) system, automatic welding seam grinding, cold metal transfer(CMT) welding system, air tightness detection system, glue coating system and automatic loading and unloading system..


2. The battery tray production line with FDS、SPR process can be customized according to customer requirements.


3. The modular and flexible design can be adopted in batches according to the production capacity and process requirements.


4. WMS and MES systems can be configured according to customer requirements.


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