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Project introduction

At present, it is a trend to using lightweight materials in the automotive industry, without affecting the strength of the vehicle body, the more usage of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy can reduce the weight of vehicle body. The processing of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy often requires innovation of manufacturing process to meet the changes of material and structure, the innovation process such as Laser welding tailored blanks(LWTB), hot stamping and hydraulic forming are widely used at present.
LWTB can be used to put plates with different materials, different thicknesses, different intensities and different coatings together. LWTB technology application has already been mature in the automotive industry, for the processing of door inner panel, reinforcing plate, column, bottom plate and vehicle frame.
The aluminum vehicle body automatic laser welding line of Changzhou Huashu Jinming, can be used for processing aluminum vehicle body bottom frame, side panel, floor covering, roof lining, front and rear door, door & closure, stereo module,  instrument panel, wheel trims and so on.

Technical features

1. Lightweight: adopt high-strength aluminum alloy, using laser welding + skelecton skin blending + cavity structural design, to form an integrated lightweight vehicle body structure; By structural analysis, the overall weight is less than 800Kg, weight reduction is more than 30% compared with the traditional steel chassis.
2. Safety: the overall cavity structure design and manufacture, the structural strength and stiffness are 3-6 times then the ordinary vehicle; Low center of gravity, excellent vibration resistance; The overall structure design is beneficial to reduce the vibration noise inside of the car.
3. Short cycle time: fast welding speed, realizing continuous welding, and the welding efficiency is about 4 times of the existing common welding method.
4. Laser welding: small laser spot, high energy, stable beam quality, supplemented by high-precision robot, advanced visual positioning system, etc. The welding seam formed has a good consistency, can effectively ensure the welding quality.

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